The Christian Household Embassy Movement




Welcome to the Christian Household Embassy Website

My name is Gregg Harris and I am the Director of Noble Institute and an advocate for The Christian Household Embassy Movement. This Movement is simply an evangelistic strategy to help evangelical Christians overcome the cultural barriers that keep them from effectively representing Jesus Christ and His kingdom to the world around them.

The strategy is both simple and practical. To put it into a single sentence: Every born-again Christian is an Ambassador for Christ, and therefore every Christian household is an Embassy of the kingdom of God where the goodness and wisdom of God is to be on display.

The practical impact of Movement's simple strategy is expressed through the following six biblical challenges:

1. You must be born again. Believe the good news concerning Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God that He died for you personally, paying the full penalty for your own sin and that He rose from the dead as your Savior and Lord in order that you may be born again into an entirely new life devoted to living for Him as an Ambassador for Christ in this world.

2. Participate in the Kingdom of God. Embrace the presenty reality that as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ it is the entire purpose of your new life to participate in the kingdom of God by trusting in the goodness and wisdom of God enough to actually obey Jesus command to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to show that love for God by the way you love and care for your brothers and sisters by Creation (i.e. everyone) in the hope that they may eventually become your brothers and sister by Redemption (i.e. those who are born of God by faith in Jesus).

3. Practice the Golden Rule. Recognize the truth that every human being has been created in the image of the One True God and is therefore worthy of your respect and is your golden opportunity to demonstrate your love for God by doing for them what you would have them do for you if you were in their same situation knowing what you know to be both good and wise. Whatever you do for even the least of these brothers and sisters by Creation is received by Christ as having been done for Him personally, and is the unmistakable mark of each one who has been truly born of God.

4. Practice hospitality. Mark and open your own household, (i.e. your home and any business enterprise you may own) as an embassy of the kingdom of God on earth by making it clear to others that yours is a place of Christian hospitality where they may taste and see for themselves that the kingdom of God does in fact come into glorious display wherever God's will is being done in the simple obedience of faith in Jesus Christ.

5. Make the most of your time. Design and establish good and wise weekly, monthly and annual routines for your Household Embassy to host meal-time hospitality, neighborhood holiday celebrations and guestroom accommodations whereby the light of God's goodness and wisdom may be put clearly on display to your neighborhood community as an occasion in which to present the good news concerning Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God.

6. Live in full accord. As a member of the Body of Christ each Movement member is expected to encourage the most reputable leaders of the Christian community to take occasional leadership initiatives that require enthusiastic participation and support from the church at large in order to have a chance to be effective. A full accord response does not mean that everyone will do the SAME thing, but rather that everyone will do SOME thing in support of the initiative. By making it a habit to respond in full accord, leaders will be encouraged to act as leaders and the community will become a place where the best national evangelistic ministries will look forward to coming and serving.

Support & Encouragement

In order to support and encourage Christians from all denominations to accept and fulfill the six challenges that make up our Strategy, each local chapter of the Christian Household Embassy Movement is expected to organize and host a monthly Christian Household Embassy Banquet to:

1. Reach any unsaved guests with the gospel.

2. Recruit those who are born again to become active members of the Christian Household Embassy Movement.

3. Motivate and mobilize all members to "excel still more" in living boldly and effectively as Ambassadors for Christ in Embassies of the Kingdom of God.

4. Coordinate a routine of district-wide and City-wide campaigns to take the gospel effectively to each community.

These four purposes may be accomplished by inviting exemplary members to share their stories of what they have done in and through their own embassy, how they have "given the Holy Spirit something to work with"  and how God has honored their efforts to effectively represent Christ to their community.

Coordinated City-wide Outreach

When each Local Chapter of the Christian Household Embassy Movement has matured to the point where it is able to do so, it is expected that it's members will organize and host an annual city-wide campaign of some sort to unite the evangelical Christian churches in their area to present the gospel concerning Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to their community through mass media and high-profilel events.

This may be accomplished in several ways. For example, by hosting a capable evangelist or apologist to address some topic of general interest in their community. Or, by hosting a proven effective music concert or music festival, or by hosting an evangelistic film or film festival, or a Christian Street Fair or an annual Parade of Believers. Many communities have no idea how many Christians their are in their area. Numerically large events often surprise city leaders and garner greater respect for the Christian community. By using our Movement's principle of Using a Crowd to Draw a Crowd (i.e. Using a crowd of believers to draw a crowd those who are not yet believers to hear then gospel) each local chapter may host ever larger events and enjoy ever larger impacts. Once the organizational infrastructure and culture of volunteerism for hosting such events is in place the same may be used year after year to host ever more effective programs.